Light Tab 2 ZTE V9A--the perfect combination of mobile phone

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Light Tab 2 ZTE V9A--the perfect combination of mobile phones and tablet PC

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Light Tab 2 ZTE V9A--the perfect combination of mobile phone

Post  hello4grouter on Thu May 10, 2012 12:16 am

This aricle comes from MODEM3G.COM online store. you can input in google browser, then write V9A, I assure you can find it.

ZTE has been committed to the development of wireless data terminal in recent years, the results obtained for all to see. Especially the excellent great performance that beyond as global shipments of Apple's. we have to be proud of this excellent family business. On the side of tablet phone, the ZTE is not lagging behind the step of the times. Before the launch of a resurgence Light Tab, own the praise in the market. With the 7-inch screen size, and messages can be sent and calling feature is the functional show which getting from a tablet with phone combining .It can say it brings the 3G tablet into a new era. ZTE V9 is ZTE's first tablet PC, ZTE launched recently a follow-up of this ZTE V9 tablet product ----Light Tab 2 V9A. The tablet fuselage is still a 7-inch screen size and its appearance of the design style is basically the same, support calling and text messages, use the 1.4GHz single core processor, although there is no use of the dual-core processor, and low price make this a ZTE product tempting, itís good value for money exactly. It is reported that Light Tab 2 V9A launched from the first UK retailer Clove .It basically can be regard as a larger version of a smart phone. We called it tablet phone in the market. This ZTE V9A powered by Android 2.3 operating system, running a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, Wi Fi and 3G network connections. ZTE V9A also built a 3.2 million pixel camera and a 30-megapixel front camera, and equipped with a 3400mAh capacity battery, in addition to support for micro SD card expansion. Meanwhile. The user interface of this V9A is cleaner, more power, more beautiful, more improvement of business functions, support for web flash video player, etc. ZTE V9 tablet†VS†ZTE V9A tablet

And Letís find the difference from their configuration, compared to ZTE V9 ,the Light Tab 2 V9A has been improved, but not a big change. The ZTE V9A will increase the screen resolution to 1024 ◊ 600 pixels, under the condition of no change in screen size, resolution enhancement can significantly enhance the screen display. 7 inch Tablet PC phone has been concerned by many people. The ZTE V9A can be regarded as a versatile player, Itís the most popular tablet phone in young . Have complete functions like make a calling, surfing the 3G Internet, GPS, Bluetooth and other functions. And what about the price? Until now. It can say that ZTE V9A is the cheapest 3G-Enabled tablet . Find it on line sale with competitive price 369USD on . From this point of view, itís indeed a bargain.


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