The city of Preslav

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The city of Preslav

Post  kosovohp on Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:09 am

The city of Preslav was made the capital of Bulgaria early in Simeon's reign, partly because of the former capital Pliska's association with pre-Christian paganism. Simeon turned Preslav into a cultural centre, a true rival to Constantinople.[9][10] Some of the most eminent scholars of Bulgaria's Golden Age worked at the Preslav Literary School.[7] Intended more as a royal residence and a showcase of cultural power than a fortress, the city boasted impressive architecture,[5] including a large number of characteristic palaces and dozens of churches.[9][11] Among them the Round Church, regarded as "one of the most impressive monuments of medieval Bulgarian architecture"[12] and an "expression of the highest achievements of Old Bulgarian culture",[13] stood out.[12]

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