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Fashion Boutique

Post  peggy1258 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:51 am

Since itís a small town, there must be some cuisines that people there might have never tasted or heard of. So, why not start a restaurant and introduce new cuisines to the locals. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, middle eastern, Indian, choose from any of these and start a restaurant. The locals will throng to such a place, provided your restaurant promises delicious food and an interesting ambiance, which they have never come across before!

Fashion Boutique
Whether itís a small town or a large city, women are always on the lookout for clothes that are latest in fashion, unique and will stand them apart from the rest. So, the best business to start in a small town is to open a clothes boutique. You can get stylish clothes at a discount from cities and then sell them with a profit at small towns. Add some fashionable accessories like earrings, bags, sunglasses, etc. as well and you have a winner business all the way!
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