Protests centred on Libya's

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Protests centred on Libya's

Post  be_map1512 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:53 am

Protests centred on Libya's two largest cities, the capital of Tripoli in the west and Benghazi in the east, and spread to other cities. On 18 February, demonstrators took control over most of Benghazi, with some support from police and defecting military units. The government reacted by sending elite troops and mercenaries, which were resisted by Benghazi's inhabitants and insurrectionist members of the military.[17] By 20 February, more than 200 people had been killed in Benghazi.[18] Protests in Tripoli have centred on Green Square. On 21 February, Libyan Air Force aircraft bombed civilian protesters in Tripoli, drawing international condemnation. The New York Times reported that "the crackdown in Libya has proven the bloodiest of the recent government actions.

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